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CR Screen Cleaning

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CR Cassette Repair - Repair Form

We specialize in repairing Fuji, Carestream, Kodak and Philips Computed Radiography (CR) Cassettes.

  • Cassettes are inspected for worn or broken parts, which are replaced as required.
  • The phosphor plate is inspected, and cleaned with our new screen cleaner which cleans spots and smudges that you may have thought impossible, therefore precluding unnecessary IP replacement cost.
  • The cassettes are then tested to factory specifications and Image Plates are replaced as necessary.
  • Cassettes are then cleaned, re-labeled and bar codes replaced.
  • There is no charge for estimate of repair or testing.
  • Special price for ten or more cassettes.
  • Six month parts only warranty.

Latch repair kits available for Fuji and Philips cassettes that may be installed locally.

We purchase used CR Cassettes.

Additional CR Cassette Parts Available.

cr cassette parts, x-ray cassette repair

Repair/Estimate Order Form

Please fill our one of Repair/Estimate Order Forms so we can better aid in your cassette repair. You can print out the form and send it with your cassettes or fill out the online form. Repair/Estimate Form: Printable PDF

Cassettes may be sent for estimate of repair to:

First Source
465 Old Frankstown Road
Monroeville, PA 15146
Att: Cassette Repair

P: 412-349-0045
F: 412-349-0046
E-mail: CassetteRepair@comcast.net


Repair/Estimate Form:
Printable PDF

Fuji CR cassette Repair, x ray cassette repair
Fuji CR

Kodak CR Cassettes Repair, x ray cassette repair
Kodak CR

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