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FSI DR (Digital Radiography) Liberty Universal Integration System - Purchase Direct from FSI

Digital technology made simple - Our wireless cassette based DR panel means no more tethered cables. The DR Liberty panel along with our software package allows you to view images in seconds streamlining workflow for your technologists. Designed with serviceability in mind our simple integration system allows you to upgrade your current portable to a wireless DR system in under 1 hour.

Economical Option

Our integration system is designed to meet your budget requirements. Whether you choose on-site integration to your existing equipment or choose to purchase a refurbished portable system with the Liberty package installed, we ensure your satisfaction.

Call us and we can help you decide on a solution that best fits your needs


With well over 1,700 trained engineers since 2000, First Source brings our award winning in-house and on-site training to you at reduced costs. Our technical support is available 2417, based here in the USA our call center is always open to support your needs.

Universal Mounting Kit fits most major OEM portable X- Ray units;

  • GE AMX
  • Shimadzu
  • Philips
  • Siemens
  • Source Ray
  • Sedecal

Universal Portable X-Ray Upgrade

Wireless Flat Panel
10 + Hours of Run-Time

Digital technology made simple - Our wireless cassette based DR panel means no
more tethered cables. The DR panel along with our software package allows you to view
images in seconds streamlining workflow for your technologists.

Designed with serviceability in mind our Simple integration system allows you to Upgrade your current portable to a wireless system in under 1 hour.

High quality DR lmages in less than 10 seconds - Enhances productivity and
improves clinical workflow.

  • Universal mounting Kit fits most major OEM portable X-ray units
  • Including Automatic Exposure Detection
  • High quality DR lmages in less than 10 seconds -Enhances productivity and improves clinical workflow
  • First Sources' technical support - Call one number for 24/7 hardware
    and software support
  • Independent power source - Not dependent on portarble x-ray power supply
  • No more tethered panels - Easier and faster operation in small areas
  • Installation in under 1 hour-Portable virtually never out of service
  • Light weight Wireless DR Panel technology,
    easy to use and much easier to position
  • Training for your biomed and technologists personnel.
    ensures correct operation of equipment from the first hour of use
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • I0+ Hours of Run-Time

Processor / Cache

Intel Core i7-640UM vPro tm Processor 1.2 GHz with Intel Smart Cache (4MB of L3 cache, 2 Cores/4 Threads)

Operating System
  Genuine Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Durability Features
  Water, dust & splash resistant shock-mounted display and hard drive. Rubberized coated bottom housing for shock dampening. Antimicrobial Enclosure.
  3x DR202 Li-ion batteries-11.1V, 7800Ah
Optional: Battery Charging Station

Wireless Flat Panel Specifications
  FXRD-1417WA (B)
  Including Automatic ExposureDetection Trigger Mode
  General Radiology
Pixel Pitch
  140 um
Effective lmaging Areas
  358 mm x 430mm
  14 bit, 16,384 grayscale
  Csl(Cesium Iodide) or Gadox (Gadolinium Oxysulfide)
lmage Aquire
& Transfer
Processing Time
  Preview 2 s, Image 6.5 s
(2 s when using Tethered Interface)
Spatial Resolution
  Min. 3.5 line pair/mm
  IEEE 802. 11a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz / 5GHz)
Tether Interface
  Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) Via + Poe
lmaging Plate
  Carbon Fiber Plate
  Air Cooling
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  384mm x 460mm x 15mm
Weight (including Battery Pack)
  3.1 kg (FXRD-1417WB)
3.3 kg (FXRD-1417WA)
  19”TFT-LCD 1280x1024 IR Touch
w/IP65 rated front panel
System Storage
  32GB - 64GB SSD or 250G8 HDD


Standard 1-year field-ready warranty
Multi-year options available

Products and Services

Direct Digital Radiography

  • Room Upgrades

Digital X Ray Upgrades For;

  • GE AMX
  • Shimadzu
  • Source Ray
  • Sedecal
  • Philips
  • Siemans

Computed Radiology

  • Fuji
  • Agfa
  • Carestream

DR Protective Encasements

  • Gridded
  • Non-Gridded




(Download PDF) Enhance productivity and improve clinical workflow with the Liberty DR wireless detector and wireless communication with HIS/RIS/PACS systems. The Liberty DR software has an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface that will have users acquiring and sending images within minutes of first use.

Manage your fleet of MinXray portables by transferring the Liberty DR kit between them in less than 10 minutes. One cart upgraded with Liberty DR can do the work of two standard OEM portables. The laptop is detachable so you can bring it with you in to the house or front of the vehicle. Additionally, the Liberty DR can be separated into two components to allow users to easily move the product in and out of the vehicle.

No tethered cables
No scanning CR cassettes
No film processing


The Liberty DR is a very cost effective solution that enables you the option to upgrade an existing system or purchase an entire mobile DR solution. We know you will be satisfied with either option and an upgrade of your existing MinXray takes less than 10 minutes.


A wireless or tethered flat panel detector transmits images to the system for immediate viewing and manipulation. The Liberty DR is a compact, self-contained solution, with no moving parts to service. The Liberty DR portable solution is simple to ship as it fits in the same shipping container used for OEM units.


  • HIS/RIS worklist support
  • Configurable automatic study advance
  • Over 500 pre-loaded exam profiles
  • Accept/reject functionality
  • Auto Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Left/right markers with smart positioning
  • Online and remote service diagnostics




  • Zoom & pan
  • Brightness & contrast adjustment
  • Rotation
  • Horizontal & vertical flip
  • Measurement tools
  • Annotations & pointers
  • Technologists initials
  • Automatic Shutters

Streamline your workflow
View images in seconds
Transmit images wirelessly


  • Scheduled workflow (SWF)
  • Patient information reconciliation (PIR)
  • Consistent presentation of images (CPI)
  • Portable data for imaging (PDI)
  • Key image note (KIN)
  • Consistent time (CT)DICOM 3.0 Network Interface Kit includes print class, storage class, worklist, modality performed procedure steps (MPPS), and storage.


Detector:   Wireless or tethered cassette-sized detector
Image size:   14” x 17”
Pixel Pitch:   154μmW
Wireless standard:   802.11n
Weight   Less than 8.5lbs
Number of images:   70 to 90 images on a single charge
Grids:   Uses standard grids
Scintillator Options:   Gadolinium (GdOS) or Cesium (CsI)


Standard 1-year field-ready warranty with multi-year options is available. An Accident Protection policy is also available.


DR Liberty Flat Panel Integration System shown with Carestream product

Dr upgrade option 1
smart cart dr upgrade

Upgrades Available for other Portables and Mobiles

New Equipment available with the New FSI Flat Panel DR Detector and the FSI Integration System directly from FSI.

Call 800-349-5980 for additional information




DR Liberty Flat Panel Integration System shown with Carestream product

DR Liberty DR integration Upgrade kit for GE AMX4


dr which has been upgraded


DR upgrade, universal


DR upgrade detail


Smart Cart


Smart Cart DR Upgrade

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