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Fuji FCR Imaging Plates

Fuji FCR Imaging Plates; High sensitivity, high sharpness, low noise.

The FCR Imaging Plate (IP) is the world's first photostimulable phosphor put to practical use as a recording medium. The IP accurately detects X-ray information and stores it as energy within the phosphor particles. It offers high sensitivity, high sharpness, low noise radiographs for diagnosis by utilising a high-emission photostimulable phosphor, BaFX (X = halogen), in a high-density dispersion image recording layer.

Because the photostimulated luminescence is remarkably linear to the X-ray exposure over a very wide range, any single Imaging Plate accommodates a broad sensitivity spectrum from high sensitivity (low dosage) to low sensitivity (high dosage), making it possible to tailor exposures to suit particular diagnostic needs.


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