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Kodak (now CareStream) DryView 8900 : Refurbished

Never before has a high-throughput dry imager printed every image at 650 dpi on every film size, every time, with no throughput compromises.

  • Quick and agile, the high—resolution KODAK DRYVIEW 8900 Laser Imager delivers outstanding image quality and throughput.
  • Throughput is amazing at up to 200 films per hour each at 650 dpi.
  • Unit features 3 drawers which accommodates various film sizes.

Enhanced Options — Configurable and Upgradeable Design an 8900 right for you

  • Choose one, two, or three film drawers, with an optional six-bin film sorter with a choice of a mammography upgrade
  • Print high quality mammography images up to 3.6 D-max and over 200 films per hour
  • Mammography quality assurance test pattern meets stringent U.S. Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) requirements
  • Energy—save mode is built-in for use during periods of inactivity, use on-demand wake up for after—hours imaging, and preset wake-up time to meet your needs.

Superb image quality

  • 650—dpi on every image, every film size , every time without throughput compromise
  • Low image noise floor low—contrast objects are easier visualize
  • Superior grayscale renders more detail
  • 16,384 possible levels of gray (14—bit pixel depth architecture)
  • Largest printable pixel matrix on the market at 9,100 X 11,037
  • Print multi format CR and DR images without compression or loss of data

Carestream DryView 8900, laser imager

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